Polaris delivers unique performance-enhancing strategies and advisory services to individuals, families and businesses.

Polaros Doc Snook



Doc is the co-founder of Polaris. He is a Behaviour Analyst and Advisor with over 20 years’ of experience working alongside individuals and organisations. He has a degree in psychology and an MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Doc started his career in South Africa within schools and charitable organisations. He and his family moved to Jersey in 2002 where he worked with young offenders and then in the field of Learning Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health. He moved into the corporate sector to work with businesses, in particular with senior leadership teams, CEO’s, corporate directors, to develop their corporate culture. He has worked successfully within family/privately owned businesses to establish good, working relationships.


Doc has presented at international conferences and is an accomplished speaker and facilitator of workshops.


Doc, himself, has a distinguished sporting background having competed as an elite triathlete over Ironman and Olympic Distance triathlon until 2014. He has been the performance coach for triathletes competing in the Commonwealth Games and Island Games. He also played rugby for Jersey Reds’ first team.


Before leaving South Africa, he became the youngest qualified international water polo referee. Doc has a passion for developing people and enabling them to reach their potential in all spheres of life.
Polaris Andrew Irumba



A natural born leader, Andrew combines his knowledge, skills and experience gained in the corporate world with his ability to connect with, inspire and energise people in a unique way along.

Andrew’s areas of expertise as a Performance Optimiser are:


Andrew is extremely passionate about helping people, teams and organizations perform at their best. He values self-insight, positive transformations and continuous improvement. These core values have been the foundation on his journey to achieving ambitious personal and professional goals.


Andrew holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (UNISA) and has completed Management and Leadership development programmes (University of Stellenbosch and University of Pretoria Business schools).


Having undergone a rigorous and extensive 10-year career development programme, Andrew was appointed as a senior executive at one of South Africa’s leading entertainment and hospitality companies, Sun International. Through his focus on his core values, Andrew discovered his passion, purpose and now specialisation – Performance Development.


• Workshop Facilitation
• Team Dynamics and Strategic Alignment
• Executive Coaching – Group or One-on-One


“I believe that life is a journey to discover our purpose for being. It is only through following our path within that purpose that we can give our best to the world and experience fulfilment.” – Andrew Irumba


We use a combination of Psychodynamic and Behavioural Management approaches to engage our clients in practical, meaningful and confidential support, giving insight into complex psychological and behavioural issues.


This combined psychological approach allows us to support our clients, by focusing on human behaviour and on both internal and external motivation of individuals within family and organisational settings.


This allows us to deal with a range of issues, such as learning psychological strategies, removing obstacles to effective communication and collaboration and making sense of complex family dynamics.


With all of our services we begin with a confidential meeting with one of our consultants. The main purpose is to develop a relationship and explore the issues, allowing our consultant to form a possible plan of support to be offered.


Once this is agreed, the consultant will begin the process of unpicking the complex issues at hand in order to kick-start the advisory process.


We don’t provide magical interventions – often the issues we are helping our clients with, have been present for months or even years. These can take time to change; we see this process as a journey with our clients while building lasting relationships.


We work directly with individuals focused on optimising their performance so they have the tools they need to succeed.


We provide practical solutions and advice for parents and carers to ensure thatthe people for whom they are responsible, have what they need to succeed.


We partner up with businesses, to advise and work with CEOs, corporate directors and senior leaders enabling individuals and organisations to perform at their best.


Continuous self-improvement is what we strive for – every day.


To be of service to others is what fulfils our own purpose.


Committed to delivering a personalised service for all our clients.


Maintaining our professional integrity is essential to our image.


We rely on our clients recommending us to others in order to develop our business.


We always hold ourselves to account.


We recognise this as one of our most important values to ensure we adhere to continuous self-improvement.

We use a combination of psychodynamic and behavioural psychology to support our clients: businesses, CEOs, corporate directors, senior leaders, parents, carers, children, adolescent and young adult


This allows us to focus on a company’s most valuable asset: its people and culture. Our approach allows for practical, meaningful and confidential support, which aims to give an insight into complex psychological and behavioural factors at play in an organisation that cannot be easily discussed with others.


We are not business management consultants. We are not life coaches. We are the experts in human behaviour and motivation. Our approach allows us to create the right service for a family’s or individual’s need. We do not provide a magic solution to solve problems. We are committed to the needs of our clients and offer practical holistic solutions, which consider every person’s situation.

Families are complex organisms and our approach allows us to understand issues in the context of interpersonal relationships.


Our approach, a unique five step process, is strongly influenced by looking ahead, connecting with what drives happiness and helps people to take control of their lives.


To perform at your best, you need to know who you are and why you do what you do. We offer an innovative blend of development solutions to suit individuals, teams and organisations. We use a combination of cutting-edge psychometric resources and robust behavioural science to ensure our clients have what they need to succeed. We believe that personal growth transforms people and their relationships, allowing them to adapt and enhance their personal and professional performance.