Leadership coaching and development

Our consultants provide an important confidential relationship to leaders who are often dealing with a range of issues, which cannot be easily discussed with others. The pressure often creates isolation and loneliness.

Leadership succession consulting

Leadership transitions are a common problem in any organisation and can easily affect the productivity and culture of the business. Whether it is an internal planned change or unexpected or via mergers and acquisitions.

Leadership team dynamic consulting

We conduct intensive assessments of senior leadership teams. Our assessments are used to give honest, constructive feedback to individuals and groups to enhance their performance.

Human capital assessment for investors

Our consultants offer unique assessments of the people, practices and culture within a prospective business and / or those already in their portfolio.

Culture assessment and advisory services

A cultural assessment ‘gets under the skin’ of the business. To understand the nuances of the way things happen within a team and wider business.


support for employees

We partner with organisations to offer their employees easy to access, confidential, clinician support to discuss complex, personal issues.


We design and deliver workshops based on individual organisational needs.


With all of our services we begin with a confidential meeting with one of our consultants. The main purpose is to develop a relationship and explore the issues, allowing our consultant to form a possible plan of support to be offered.


Once this is agreed, the consultant will begin the process of unpicking the complex issues at hand in order to kick-start the advisory process.


We don’t provide magical interventions – often the issues we are helping our clients with, have been present for months or even years. These can take time to change; we see this process as a journey with our clients while building lasting relationships.


We offer free 15-minute consultations by phone, skype, Zoom or face-to-face to discuss how one of our IGNITE programmes can help you.


Contact us to arrange a consultation.