Our consultants provide an important confidential relationship to leaders who are often dealing with a range of issues, which cannot be easily discussed with others. The pressure often creates isolation and loneliness. Along with the necessity to take decisive action and to make hard, strategic choices, leaders also need to be able to take some time to reflect on the psychology of their business and understand the dynamics of their management team and board. They also need to consider their own evolving leadership challenges, and the culture and mood of their organisation as a whole.


There are significant advantages to discussing sensitive aspects of corporate life with a skilled outsider who is not a part of the ongoing interpersonal dynamics of an organisation, and who brings a behavioural and psychodynamic perspective to bear on these issues. These conversations are held in strictest confidence. We offer the corporate leader an opportunity to gain new perspectives on the human dimensions of their work and the psychological forces impinging on their leadership and on their businesses as a whole.


We offer free 15-minute consultations by phone, skype, Zoom or face-to-face to discuss how one of our IGNITE programmes can help you.


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